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Millennials Dominating the Dining Market.

The world is an ever evolving place. The idea of a sit down dinner, with a fancy bottle of wine, cloth napkins and shiny silverware has been overcome by a versatile and fun cuisine. Street food. The idea of being able to walk around

and take in a variety of options and pick one, two or even three dishes from different vendors is fascinating. Each with its unique and eccentric trademark is able to draw you into an experience. Be it a story, a taste, a certain way of serving, everyone is looking for something that is different.

Millennials have become obsessed with different things. We see different movements popping up around the world created by millennials. Today, cuisine has become a top focal point for them. Around 72% of millennials eat out at least once a week. Some of them grab a quick lunch, others plan an outing with friends. Others enjoy breakfast before their first meeting at an authentic vendor to remind them of home.

With such a versatile generation, how can you keep up with that market while still being nimble and profitable? Brick and mortar dining is risky nowadays, both for the owner and the client. It is expensive to open up a location, creating a menu, interior decorating, equipment, hiring staff, it all becomes an enormous undertaking. Millennials have the tendency to be very picky about each and every one of those details listed. When you remove more factors from an equation, the easier it is to have the correct result. Here come food trailers.

We have all seen the food parks with the string lights and picnic tables, or the parked vendor on the side of a busy street, or a mobile food business in a busy parking lot. The opportunity is there, and millennials are ready to go, hungry for a unique experience that is convenient, different and fun. A food trailer is so nimble that it can be just that in different variations, making the opportunity for success greater, as you can tweak every aspect of your business easily with the flexibility of a food trailer.

Backing up your truck and hitching your new food trailer has never been easier, especially with programs like Rent 2 Own Trailers that make it their mission to get entrepreneurs, chefs and go-getters start their business and share their experiences with the world. Millennials are dominating the market, and it is time you take a piece of that share.

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